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iOS 7 promised a fresh design paradigm that challenged the use of colors.

It took some getting used to (I was on a beta for iPad for about a month) but I've come around. In explaining the new design rationale to non-design and non-software peeps, I explained it as comparing the fancy, classic furniture of Ethan Allen galleries to the plain, functional and clean IKEA. Skeumorphism is all Ethan Allen - fancy curves, natural woods and wood grains, beautiful to look at. Art, disguised as furniture.

The new design ethic of iOS 7 (and 8), however is plain, functional and clean - like IKEA furniture. What's truly amazing is how many millions of users and thousands of developers are liking the new iOS design ethic, which will be manifested by new customers and more energized existing customers.

That said, the newest Digital Hermosa app, UIColorBox, is a free software designer utility. The idea, born of necessity, is for users to manipulate the four parameters of a particular objective C command

UIColor *colorBox = [UIColor colorWithRed:(red) green:(green) blue:(blue) alpha:(alpha)];

Note that red, green, blue and alpha are positive numbers between 0.0 and 1.0} and then, instantly observe the effect of the adjustment of one or more of the sliders on the color of the colorBox. Getting the colors just right will increasingly become a standard requirement for developers and the UIColorBox will be a great tool on a developer's iPhone to help them get the best shade for the best user experience ever.

Not fancy, just useful.

v2.0 released July 28, 2014

AND NOW, in v2.0, I've added a similar tool for exploring the animation features. Select your settings and then click on the Digital Hermosa logo to activate the animation. In particular, the animation method simulated is:

[UIView animateWithDuration:(sec) delay:(sec) usingSpringWithDamping:(damper) initialSpringVelocity:(speed) options:(UIViewAnimationOptions) animations:^{} completion:^{}];

With this model in mind, the user uses the sliders to choose the various settings and a picker to define one of three possible UIViewAnimationOptions. Useful. Simple. Powerful.