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Digital Hermosa, noun, originally from Spanish for 'beautiful view.' We're iOS Engineers.

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Somebody else may have already asked (and we've answered) the same question as you. Check here first.

Digital Hermosa support services are available to customers to quickly help them resolve issues that they're having with our products. Here you will find a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and access to our software engineers as appropriate. Please, always check the knowledgebase for any similar problem you are having and try the listed solution first.

Accent Coach FAQ

Q. How can I hear the spoken words?

Q. I can hear the master recording, but how can I can't hear my own recordings?

Knitting Queen FAQ

Q. Why does Google keep appearing in the pattern window?

Lead Capture FAQ

I have forgotten my password.

I get red * on the screen every time I try to save a record. It doesn't save.

NPM Convention FAQ

I've downloaded the 2015 edition and it says I'm always not connected to the Internet. How can I fix this?

Say It On Billboard FAQ

My iPad screen keeps going dark even when I have the app running. How can I fix this?

My issue is not listed here

Many common iPhone/iPad issues can be addressed by systematically trying these methods. Of course, these may or may not resolve they specific issues, but it is usually worth a try before contacting us.

  • Remove other apps from memory. Double-tap the home button so that you get a horizontal scroll of the apps you have recently had open. Swipe all the other apps up, one at a time, to remove them from memory.

    WHY THIS WORKS: Memory is the most constrained resource on the device. Normally, apps not in use go into background mode and avoid consuming limited resources like memory and network. Sometimes, this process doesn't work as nicely as Apple and the rest of us developers expect. Removing apps from memory, makes 'space' for the app you are currently using.

  • If your Digital Hermosa app doesn't work any better, remove it from memory and restart the app from the Home screen of the device.

  • Restart the device. Hold the sleep/wake button and the home button down at the same time for several seconds. The display will go black quite quickly (usually only 5 or so seconds). Hold the sleep/wake to restart the device. Try the app.

    WHY THIS WORKS: It may be that the operating system of the device is not working properly and needs to reload from scratch, which it does when you reboot the device. I like to explain to people that this happens because, as good as the software is, it is written by mere mortals, and problems do occur from time to time. Hopefully, this will fix the problem(s).

  • Contact us to help you resolve the issue.