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Based on the information gathered so far, we can sketch out a storyboard in short order. Storyboards are typically Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple KeyNote documents where a slide might include a screen shot and words describing the function of various buttons, tableView taps and the like. The goal of this step is to give, what may only have been sketched on a napkin or whiteboard, described in words, or compared to an existing app, form and ownership to the User Interface.

We do this early in the project life cycle because it gives all the parties involved something to poke at, something to aim at, and something to reconsider. It also is what the target end user will see and live with every time they pull up the app.

We prefer to present the storyboard to the client in an engaging session, often face-to-face, to capture their ideas, decide what needs changing and otherwise shape the design assumptions to more closely match the client's perspective. It's when the client 'accepts' and therefore 'owns' the storyboard, we know that we've locked down (as best as one can lock these things down), the target of what we are to accomplish for them.