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Professional greeting at the arrival gate leads to better tips and complements from customers.

Say It On Billboard smoothly alternates the large iPad display showing the client's name in large letters for about two seconds and then dissolving into the limo company logo for another two seconds. To configure the app, the user simply taps the (i)nformation button and activates the settings screen where:

  1. Select a graphic via camera or through your photo library.
  2. Prepare the text (customer's name) they would like to display.
  3. Choose black background with white text or white background with black text and black background of graphic or white background on the graphic.
  4. although recommended, it's not required that the presence of both text and graphics will execute the animation cycle between the alternating text and graphics. It's a fade in/out where the image of text or graphics is held for a few seconds.
  5. Once in operation, the user can grow or shrink the fonts using the classic ^v buttons in the top right or activate the settings screen to implement a change. Billboard is great for limo drivers.

Logo Capture. A professional approach is to use the company logo as the graphic. But how do you get the company logo into the iPad and into the app? Using Safari on the iPad you can visit the company website and take a screen shot of the logo. With the logo enlarged (drag two fingers apart on the iPad), tap the home button and the sleep-wake button at the same time. This should create a flash on the display and adds the screen shot to the camera roll. From there, you can select the screen shot as the picture to use in Say It On Billboard.

A second method is to hold a finger ontop of the company logo. In many web implementations of corporate websites, the graphic is downloaded separately to the browser. Holding the finger down ontop of the company logo, in iPad (or iPhone) Safari creates a small dialog box: copy image or save image. Save image will put the logo into the camera roll for retrieval by Say It On Billboard.