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My iPad screen keeps going dark even when I have the app running. How can I fix this?

PROBLEM: Limo drivers using Say It On Billboard often have to stand at the curb or at the top of the escalator with the iPad running Say It On Billboard for ten or twenty minutes in anticipation of the client identifying themselves from their name and or the company logo. Sometimes the iPad goes dark, into power-saving black screen, when the driver would rather just leave it on for the duration of the waiting time.

SOLUTION: This is a user-setting problem and solution. Change the 'Auto-Lock' time using the Settings > General > Auto-Lock feature as 2, 5, 10, 15 minutes or never. One user I know sets her iPad's Auto-Lock setting to 'Never.' She consciously taps the sleep-wake button (on the top-side) to make the screen go dark and save power.

Apple designed your iPad with an array of Settings that regulate iPad operation even when an application is running. One of these is called the Auto-Lock feature. You can choose to set the time to shut off the display (called time to Auto-Lock) to two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes or never. There are battery tradeoffs involved here - longer Auto-Lock means less battery life. Never Auto-Lock sets a high standard for the limo driver to tap the sleep-wake button whenever they are not using the iPad to be sure it's not burning off the battery doing things that you would rather not have done at that time.

An upcoming release will fix this, so users don't have to have unreasonable settings.