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Digital Hermosa, noun, originally from Spanish for 'beautiful view.' We're iOS Engineers.

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Keep in mind that for the vast majority of users, it's the name of the app not the app foundry that they remember and invest time in. Here are three branding options.

Apps for Employees.

If you're an enterprise and you want to deploy one or more apps to employees (this is an Apple-defined legal requirement), you should use the Enterprise Developer License. Apple charges a $299 annual fee, requires a DUNS number and agreement signed by someone who can legally commit the company to the terms of the license agreement. Once completed, Digital Hermosa can be added to that signing authority which makes it possible for us to create and distribute apps to employees on behalf of the enterprise. In this way, we would develop the app with your enterprise branding to your employees.

App Store is for users OUTSIDE your enterprise.

There are two options that you should consider.

You get Apple Store Credentials. Using the iOS Developer Program, you share your program access details securely with Digital Hermosa and we build, brand and submit the app according to the agreed plan and specifications. There is a $99/year fee. Any app revenues collected by Apple (download sales, in-app purchases) less Apple's 30% fee are paid directly into your defined bank account.

Digital Hermosa uses the Digital Hermosa credentials. We already are a member of the iOS Developer Program and can easily submit an app to the App Store. There is no extra fee to do submission this way. Your app would join the growing list of apps that Digital Hermosa has built and branded. Digital Hermosa is assigned any revenues collected by Apple (download sales, in-app purchases) less Apple's 30% fee. How any revenue might be shared is negotiated at project start.

Any fees collected from subscriptions however, are not paid through Apple.

Regardless, There are Trade Offs.

In your free consultation, we will help you understand which is the right approach for your business goals.