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Musical resouces and connections with other musicians across the country.

The NPMChapters app for iPhone is a platform designed to build up collaboration and sharing in this community of 8,000 members of this non-profit association.

Parish musicians are among the loneliest professions around. As leaders, volunteer-coordinators, musicians and charity-workers, it is easy to feel isolated and disconnected. The NPM and this app bring people together by putting resources into their pockets and reducing the barriers between peers. Optimized for the iPhone, the app provides:

  • Musical catalog. Users are able to read the publisher's description, name, part number, composer, tap to listen to the mp3, tap to view the pdf, inspect the cover page and see the price of over 2,000 musical works from the Choristers Guild catalog, who have been working with Digital Hermosa to create this product.
  • Search the catalog. Users can instantly search the catalog with a tap of the keyboard. Faster than websites.
  • Favorite a work. Users can select or deselect a work as a Favorite. The Favs option shows only those works in the Favs list.
  • Write and or read a Review. A big feature in the app is the ability for logged in users to write a review of a work which is available exclusively to users of the app.

  • Chat services. Logged in users select their areas of interest including chapter, parish name and contact details (which are never shared with anyone) to see and participate in chat sessions with other users of similar interests and chapter.
  • Works for users without chapters in their area too.

Digital Hermosa is the exclusive smartphone and tablet software provider for the NPM.

In the coming months, we are planning several exciting feature enhancements including:

  • More publishers...
  • More music...
  • NPM resources such as an updated planning calendar... tap for the readings... suggested selections...
  • you can tap to buy this music.
  • Download the app today.