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Digital Hermosa, noun, originally from Spanish for 'beautiful view.' We're iOS Engineers.

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Apps have a life cycle.

Digital Hermosa manages our client engagements according to the life-cycle process of proposing, designing, approving, creating, testing, delivery and supporting. This process is quite systematic and automatic for us. It ensures that we appropriately meet/exceed the client expectations and deliver software that we are proud to call our own.

There are only a few stages that we work with, and only a few processes that we use with every client engagement:

  1. Analysis - we need to understand the client goals, budget, considerations, expectations, timeframes, markets, customers, competitors. The more we understand before we begin any creative process, the better.
  2. Storyboard - typically, there is a nominal one-time fee for development of a screen-shot-based mockup of the app on paper. This mockup provides the basis for what our engineers could actually build. From the approved storyboard, the client and the engineering team are sufficiently aligned to proceed to the next stage.
  3. Proposal - with an eye to the project goals and a user interface (UI) design, we can then develop a detailed proposal covering intellectual property rights, costs, out-of-contract issues, milestones and the work to be accomplished. The approved storyboard becomes a part of the proposal.
  4. Functional Specification - Engineering details as to how Digital Hermosa will accomplish the functionality the client requires as defined in the storyboard are documented here, before a line of code is written.
  5. We have 'Planned-the-work' so now we have to 'Work The Plan'. All the planning we've done together to this point makes it easier to actually do the engineering, without unnatural acts or the triggering of alarms in the App Store.
  6. Support services are a key component of our proposal because Apple introduces frequent software updates to iOS, iOS products and the integrated development environment, XCode which is used to build the app. Also, users often use the product in ways that, we didn't expect, or are requiring a use case which was not anticipated that can require software changes.

This methodology to adding value allows Digital Hermosa to focus on client success, and a happy user community.