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KnittingQueen is an iPad browser that is optimized for knitting hobbyists.

Designed to improve the productivity of knitting fans, the key features of KnittingQueen include:

  • Browse web/pdf patterns.
  • Moveable guidebar that lets you read the pattern description, do the instruction and with a glance back to the iPad, you can see where you are in the pattern description.
  • Save PDF patterns for offline knitting.
  • A tap-activated row counter never forgets which row you're working on. The counter even remembers where you were the last time you used KnittingQueen.
  • A metric (mm) or US (inches) ruler can pop out or hide when you want it to. The ruler works in either landscape or portrait mode so you can be sure you're getting the right density of stitches per inch, or per mm.
  • A knitting sizing chart allows you to see with a tap, what size needle you have.
  • There are four size charts supported: US sizes, UK-Canadian sizes, Japanese sizes and Metric sizes.
  • Your personal notes about each of your patterns are stored in a database that you can view at any time, or edit at any time, or add to at any time. You can also add pictures or take pictures of your work.
  • Online help (with the app, but not the knitting - sorry), including description of each feature is available at a touch of the (i) info button. The support site and videos are always at your fingertips.