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I tap the play button, but nothing can be heard. How can I hear the spoken words or the sounds that I have recorded?

PROBLEM: Many people set their iPhones to vibrate mode by flicking the mute button on so that the orange backing is showing. This setting also silences the audio player.


In some cases, the iPhone has been damaged so that the iPhone can't route the audio signal to the speakers properly. This is not something that Digital Hermosa can solve. Key questions here are:

  • Does the speakerphone work? If no, then it is likely that your iPhone has this mechanical trouble. You may want to visit an Apple Retail store about a possible repair which may or may not be covered under warranty. Only an instore Genius or Family Room Specialist will know for sure.
  • Can you hear the sentences or your recordings with headphones or ear buds? This suggests that you may have to use the app with headphones or ear buds or get a repair done for which there may be a charge.

PROBLEM: I can hear the master recording, but how can I can't hear my own recordings?

First of all, have you made recordings? In the screen with the sentence at the top and the play button showing, are there dates and times in the table in the middle of the screen? If not, there are no recordings to hear. Tap the RECORD button on the lower left to make a recording. It will go black and change to STOP. Tap STOP to stop. This will insert the date and time of this recording into the table. Select one of those cells of the table. It should turn gray when selected. Tap the play button. Move the volume buttons to maximum. Can you hear it now?

If you have confirmed that you have made a recording as described above, but still can't hear it now, it may be because of the microphone on your iPhone. Do you have trouble getting people that you call to hear you properly? Try making a recording by moving the iPhone microphone (on the bottom of the iPhone or iPad) closer to your mouth and talking louder. Repeat the recording step and see if that works. If you are still having troubles, it is recommended to ask one of your tech-saavy friends to help, or visit an Apple Retail store. Ask them about testing your microphone and speakers.