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Digital Hermosa, noun, originally from Spanish for 'beautiful view.' We're iOS Engineers.

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Digital Hermosa was founded out of passion.

The Great Recession of 2009 caused a lot of hardship, a lot of disappointment and a lot changes for millions of people. For one person, however it was an opportunity for a former engineer, marketing executive and market researcher to reinvent themselves, and pivot their career around a skill centered on a passion that had been brewing for decades. "I've been a fanboy of Apple products for a long time and it was only natural for me to develop iOS apps."

Meet Peter Brockmann, our Chief Technology Officer.

Peter is on the right. That's Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., on the left. They were both at the 2014 WorldWide Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

Although self-trained in iOS engineering since 2009, Peter has many years in telecommunications equipment, software development and hi-tech product marketing, including iOS engineering at Apple.

See Peter's LinkedIn profile.